Winter Field Day 2018

The upcoming Winter Field Day 2018 (WFD) is scheduled for January 27th and 28th and will run for 24 hours from 1900 UTC (2 pm EST) Saturday to 1900 UTC (2 pm EST) Sunday. Anybody in the Lake Country Amateur Radio Service area who may be interested in participating is welcome to join.

WFD is one more way to enjoy the hobby and demonstrate ham radio’s capability to operate in all environments. At this time, WFD is in planning stages and a final decision to participate a s a group will not be made until the end of October 2017. Like an ARRL Field Day, success is based upon participation. What is learned from WFD will carry forward to Field Day six months later.

WFD is not a contest, but like the ARRL Field Day, a scoring system has been established for contestants to examine their performance and provide a benchmark for the next year. Since WFD occurs in the winter, planning for proper shelter, safety, and support is important.