Lake Country Amateur Radio Service offers amateur radio Technician and General Class training each year for individuals interested in obtaining or upgrading their  license. LCARS is also offering monthly classes to increase the memberships individual knowledge and proficiency as amateur radio operators. Most classes are open to any interested individual unless the class size or subject is a limiting factor, such as CPR classes for LCARS members only.

The current monthly training schedule is available here.

Classes are coordinated by our education committee and are taught by club members. Our lead instructor, Alan Champagne (NL7LR), conducts the majority of the Technician classes and through his efforts the examination pass rate is exceedingly high. General license upgrade classes are available if enough students indicate their interest.

More information about amateur radio licensing classes are available here.

Reference and training aids and class materials are available for downloading from here.

If you, or a group you are affiliated with, are interested in obtaining a ham radio license and entering the exciting hobby of Amateur Radio or just attend a monthly training session, please contact a club officer for more information.