The following LCARS area repeaters are open and available to all hams for use. Red repeater callsigns are coordinated with the Southeastern Eastern Repeater Association (SERA).

Please send any additions, deletions or corrections to any club officer.

We ask all users to please observe proper repeater operating procedures and practices. All listed repeaters are privately owned and funded and are open repeaters.  System abuse can result in withdrawal of privileges and loss of an area repeater.  If you are not sure, please review the Repeater Etiquette Article in the Training Reference Library. Good operating habits demonstrate your proficiency as a well-trained, considerate, and professional amateur radio operator.

2 Meter Repeaters

  • KB2AHZ+147.000 MHz (+) CTCSS=77.0, Mecklenburg County, VA
    • IRLP Node 8187 & Echo Link Node 331983
    • Linked to W4BAD System  in NC 145.170, 145.370, 146.940, 146.970 Covering Roxboro, Raleigh, Durham, Oxford, Butner, and Fancy Gap, VA.
    • Linked to N4WFU repeater for Monday Night Net and SKYWARN® Weather Events.
  • KK4QAK 147.24 (-) CTCSS=74.4, South Hill, VA
    • Member of the Central Region Hospital Amateur Communications Service, Inc.
  • K4ITL 145.470 (-) CTCSS=82.5 South Hill, VA
  • N4WFU 146.745 (-) CTCSS=131.8, Roanoke Rapids, NC
    • Linked to KB2AHZ for Monday Night Net and SKYWARN Weather Events.

6 Meter  Repeaters

  • ##### 53.25 (-) CTCSS=100.0, Mecklenburg Co, VAFuture system under coordination site at this time. 

70 cm Repeaters

  • KB2AHZ 443.525 (+) CTCSS=100, Mecklenburg County, VA
    • Linked to KB2AHZ 147.00, IRLP  8187 & Echo Link Node 331983.
    • Linked to the W4BAD system in NC 441.675, 443.175, 443.200, 445.575 Covering Roxboro, Raleigh, Durham, and Oxford.
  • K4MJO  444.7875 (+) NCPRN DMR Repeater -TG1 – CC1
  • KK4QAK 444.125 (+) CTCSS=74.4, South Hill,VA
    • Member of the Central Region Hospital Amateur Communications Service, Inc.

Packet Digipeaters

  • W4LCA-2      145.730 Packet Node Lawrenceville, VA

APRS Digipeaters