Thanks For Attending

The January 2018 LCARS meeting was a bit long, but President Chuck Kubasek (KB2AHZ) had a lot of past work to catch up on. For those who attended the meeting, their input was well received and the upcoming year looks very promising.

President Chuck stressed that the club needs to get more active with public service and outreach into our communities. There will be many opportunities to get active with, and the new club officers are open to any ideas.

For those who were unable to attend, changes to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were discussed. It was decided that these two documents should be separated from each other. Articles of Incorporation (LCARS founding document) must be registered with the Virginia Corporation Commission, so if the bylaws needed a change, the the Articles must be resubmitted and approved. By managing both documents separately, bylaw changes can be approved by a majority of club members.  The club members approved a motion to separate the documents. So, please review the Articles of Incorporation (the copy with yellow highlighting) changes. If you have comments, please send them to the club secretary by COB Monday, January 15,2017.  The final version will be presented to the membership at the  February meeting for approval. Please plan to attend to approve the changes.

On the same subject, the February meeting will start at 0800 (one hour earlier). The first hour will be devoted to finishing the business at hand, and the breakfast social meeting will start at 0900. Brian’s Steakhouse has made accommodations to allow for the business meeting. All club business will be completed within the first hour, which will help speed up the meetings and make them easier to manage. Please show your support by attending the February meeting.

Finally, please pay your 2018 dues to the Club Secretary before the next meeting. Your membership status determines what access you have to the website. Paid members have full access to the entire site (to include club materials such as bylaws and the club roster). Non-member accounts will not be removed, but access to restricted materials will be blocked. If you have trouble logging into your account, you can reset your password automatically by entering your email address at the reset prompt. You will receive an email, asking you to change your password. Once you change your password, you must sign onto the website. Remember, your User Name is your call sign – not  your e-mail address.

Thanks for reading and hoping to see you at a future meeting or activity.


LCARS Officers for 2019 are Elected

Congratulations to the newly elected LCARS club officers for 2018.  The following were elected to their respective positions during the December 9th monthly meeting:

  • President – Chuck Kubasek [KB2AHZ]
  • Vice-President – Charles Mooney [K4CTM]
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Leslie Kubasek [KJ4BMQ
  • Back up Nelson Cook-KM4GBM

 Please support both the club and the new officers throughout the upcoming year.  Both your presence at meetings and events are appreciated.

Introduction to WordPress – LCARS Monthly Training Class

Anybody interested in developing and maintaining a personal or organization Web Site is invited and should plan to attend the LCARS Monthly Training Class – Introduction to WordPress, on Weds 22 Nov, 2017. Class will be held in room 103 in the VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital training center (left of main entrance at 125 Buena Vista Cir, South Hill, VA 23970).  This class is open to all interested individuals.

The class PowerPoint slides and a User Guide are available in the reference library. All individuals interested in supporting the LCARS web site are encouraged to attend, so they may ask questions and work on a live site.

During the class participants will create a new site, develop and maintain users, manage plugins, and create individual pages and posts. This hands on approach will demonstrate how easy it is to manage and maintain a website using WordPress (the system that supports this website). If you are interested in serving with the web staff, please contact a club officer.


LCARS Website Utilization

The upgraded LCARS website has been up for a little over two months, and comments passed back from users indicates that it is being well received. The website is based upon the WordPress, a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. The beauty of WordPress is that a site administrator does not need to know PHP or MySQL to create and maintain a functional website.

During the November training class (22 November, 2017), we will focus on the basics of setting up and maintaining a website. LCARS members interested in helping manage and maintain the website are invited to attend, and those who want to create their own website will learn the basics also. Class participants will learn how to create pages, maintain the site, and perform modifications.  More Web staff members will help increase surveillance and content. If you are interested, please let a club officer know.

Finally, all members are encouraged to submit suggestions to the website or create a blog post for editing and inclusion on the site. The more the site is used to share information, view library documents, or provide comments and ideas helps LCARS grow. As soon as we can expand the web staff the faster we can introduce other improvements such as a Buy, Sell and Trade page.

Looking forward to seeing you in class.

73, K4PYR

Harvest Festival 2017

The morning was a bit cool and humid, but LCARS had the Harvest Festival 2017 information boot set up before 8000 hrs. Throughout the event, visitors were provided with a radio demonstration and information about fan upcoming technician class. Members walked throughout the festival area talking with other participants. Those organizations that provide first responder or public service capabities were provided additional information about the club and ham radio capabilities.

Thanks to all the members who turned out to help set up and break down the site, as well as those who came to visit and provide support. LCARS was able to gather five contacts for an upcoming Technician Class as well as discuss future capabilities with the Scouting programs in the local area. Calling cards were created and passed out with the club mission, meeting and contact information.

About 1445, a rain shower signaled the event was coming to an end. As the site was taken down, it was felt that the event venue was a success and that the Centennial Park site would be a good location for future club events. An informal After Action Review will be held at the next meeting.

73, Admin