Lake Country Amateur Radio Service plans and participates in various community events to promote amateur radio and practice their art. Field Day, an annual nationwide training exercise held the last full weekend in June, is a capstone event for LCARS. Amateur radio operators across the United States and Canada operate for 24 hours trying to make as many contacts as possible by voice, CW (Morse Code) and Digital means. While Field Day is not a contest, participants score themselves to measure and compare their efforts from previous years.

LCARS attempts to conduct or participate in at least one public event each quarter. Sometimes you may see them at a public information booth demonstrating radio communications and answering questions. Other times, LCARS members may be found supporting a local event such as a road race. LCARS also works with local Boy Scouts interested in participating in the Annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).

No matter where your see LCARS members, they are always ready to answer questions and talk about their hobby. If they cannot answer a question, they can direct the inquiry to another who can. LCARS takes promoting amateur radio very seriously as an emergency communications provider who can operate in extreme conditions while other communications systems are not operational.