Harvest Festival 2017

The morning was a bit cool and humid, but LCARS had the Harvest Festival 2017 information boot set up before 8000 hrs. Throughout the event, visitors were provided with a radio demonstration and information about fan upcoming technician class. Members walked throughout the festival area talking with other participants. Those organizations that provide first responder or public service capabities were provided additional information about the club and ham radio capabilities.

Thanks to all the members who turned out to help set up and break down the site, as well as those who came to visit and provide support. LCARS was able to gather five contacts for an upcoming Technician Class as well as discuss future capabilities with the Scouting programs in the local area. Calling cards were created and passed out with the club mission, meeting and contact information.

About 1445, a rain shower signaled the event was coming to an end. As the site was taken down, it was felt that the event venue was a success and that the Centennial Park site would be a good location for future club events. An informal After Action Review will be held at the next meeting.

73, Admin

Site Rebuild

A complete site rebuild just occurred. A problem was encountered creating a separate menu for LCARS members that will provide additional content to them. As such, the entire site had to be wiped and rebuilt. The pages are back, but all the user accounts have to be rebuilt.

You will again receive an e-mail to change your password. You can use the one you just created if you want. I apologize for the rework on your part, but the end result will provide more content and a secure area for club related materials. This section will only be open to LCARS members.

Thank you for you patience and understanding. Please make the most of this new site as we provide more content for your use.

73,  Eric Wooster / K4PYR


LCARS Website Update Includes New Capabilities

LCARS is once again back with an updated and interactive Website. It will take awhile to get our pages updated with all the latest LCARS information, but the site should be primarily finished within the next two weeks. We ask our LCARS members and visitors alike look around the site, and if you have a suggestion for improvement, items you would like to see, or notice a need for a correction, please send your information to the Website staff at the e-mail address on the home page.

Future enhancements to the website for LCARS members will include:

  • a current copy of the club roster with contact information
  • ability to list buy, sell, or trade items (ham radio, computer or electronics only)
  • minutes from past meetings
  • downloads of various documents and media
  • forum or discussion board
  • e-mail accounts for officers and committees that redirect to personal account

Visitors to the site are free to browse all open pages; the equipment buy, sell or trade page; and other documents of general training or ham radio nature.

This Website is a living part of LCARS organization and needs the support of both club members and interested individuals in the amateur radio hobby. The Website staff must regularly update and maintain the site, but if the LCARS membership does not participate (which really means visit regularly – your schedule) it makes it hard to justify their efforts.

LCARS is stepping forward to a new year with some exciting plans, classes and projects ahead. We want to grow our membership from all age groups and interests and develop a strong capability to support our Lake Country communities in both Virginia and North Carolina when called upon.

This blog page is open to all club members to discuss items of interest or provide some thought provoking materials to our visitors.

73,   Admin