Lake Country Amateur Radio Service LCARS

  • "Providing Amateur Radio Services to Lake Country Communities."
  • "Providing Amateur Radio Services to Lake Country Communities."

LCARS Area Repeaters

The open repeaters listed below serve the Lake Country area, and are available to all amateurs. Periodically, the repeaters are used for net operations in support of training or Skywarn net activities. Please join us for training nets, as you are always welcome to check-in, and we would like to hear from all amateurs.

Location Callsign RX (MHz) TX (MHz) Tone Notes
Mecklenburg Country, VA KB2AHZ 147.000 147.600 77.0 1,3,4,5
Muck Cross, VA KB2AHZ 443.525 448.525 100.0 2,4,5
South Hill, VA N4ZCM 145.470 144.870

South Hill, VA W4CMH 147.240 147.840 74.4
South Hill, VA W4CMH 444.125 449.125 74.4

General Notes:
  1. Linked to the N4WFU Roanoke Rapids, NC repeater [146.745(-) PL 131.8] for the Monday Night net.
  2. Full time link to KB2AHZ Mecklenburg County, VA repeater.
  3. Full time link to KB2AHZ Muck Cross, VA repeater
  4. IRLP Link #8187
  5. EchoLink Node #331983
  6. All Skywarn connections through the repeaters are linked into the 9211 reflector.

Lake Country Area Repeaters support the following nets:

  • Skywarn Net: During severe weather, the local repeaters will participate in Skywarn nets. These nets are supported by locally trained hams who report weather conditions to the Wakefield Weather Office. During Skywarn nets, we ask you to hold all non-essential traffic until spotter traffic has been passed. Emergency traffic is accepted at any time.Effective December 12, 2011, the following are designated Skywarn repeaters in the Southern Virginia area:
    • 146.745 MHz N4WFU in Roanoke Rapids, NC
    • 147.000 MHz KB2AHZ in South Hill, VA
    • IRLP Node 8561, N4WFU in Roanoke Rapids, NC
    • IRLP Reflector 9211 in Raleigh, NC
  • Monday Night LCARS Net:  This net starts at 2030 hrs every Monday night on the KB2AHZ 147.000+ repeater, and is controlled by a volunteer Net Control Station (NCS). While the net follows a formal structure, the operation of the net is left up to the NCS. The 147.00 is linked to the N4WFU repeater in Roanoke Rapids during the net. If you would like more information, please contact a club officer.

LCARS Packet Digipeter

The LCARS-4/LCARS-8 node on 145.730 MHz is located in Lawrenceville, VA at approximately 130 feet, and is running at approximately 30 watts of output. This digipeter is interfaced with the VDEN network.

NM4V APRS Digipeter

Located in the South Hill, VA area on 144.390 MHz.